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China Haohan Group Limited

Company Profile
Following continued intensive investment in processing facilities, China Haohan Group expects to become the third largest tomato processor in China.
Withe more than 20 years' experience in the industry, TPFTZ Bositeng International Trade Co.,Ltd. has fone from a trader in tomato commanding 20% of China's total yearly exports, to a major producer of tomato products.
As of 2010, China Haohan Group has been created, comprising all factories as well as the Bositeng co***ny.
In 2008 the first factory has been established in Xinjiang province(Xinjiang Huyanghe factory, code:Y61). In 2008 it produced 7,000 tonnes of tomato paste on its new Ing.A.Rossi production lines. During 2009 harvest season the factory reached a total output of 30,000 tonnes of tomato paste.
Two new plants located within 50km Distance to Huyanghe factory(Y61). Northern Sun Tomato Processing (Y123) and Liugouhong Tomato Prouducts (Y125) are operative since crop 2010 with three lines each, with a tube-in-tube system, flash cooler system, preconcentrating system and dekanter system.
In response to the special requirements of some important clients, Haohan Group also decided to upgrade factories with a cyclone system with the main aim of eliminating all sand particles in the product. It also improted from Italy a grading euqipment to test raw materials on entry to its factories.
The Group collaborates directly with local farmers, enting land rights from the Chinese government and giving farmers its use. This allows the Group to have more control over the implementation of international good agricultural practice. It also means the Group has firm control of key factors such as the purchase and distribution of allowed pesticides and fertilisers. All pesticides and fertilisers used conform to new European and Japanese regulations.
In addition, Haohan Group hs imported specialised laboratory equipment from abroad. Owning its own factories also enables the group to personally check not only the management, but the entire production process, guarant

Contact Us
Company: China Haohan Group Limited
Contact: Ms. Galy Tang
Address: 33F, CITIC BANK Building, No.165 Xinhua North Road
Postcode: 830000
Tel: 86 991 2300 072
Fax: 86 991 2322 101

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